Posting Bare


Domicile NYC is supplying the independent feature film “Bare,” with an Avid off-line edit through finishing. The film was was written and directed by Natalia Leite.  Domicile’s audio department will be … More

Experimenter – Post Audio

Experimenter02Domicile Audio is currently at work on director Michael Almereyda’s newest cinematic opus, “Experimenter.”

It is the true story of acclaimed and controversial psychological researcher Stanley Milgram.  Milgram is played by Peter … More

Out In The Night – 5.1 Mix

OutInTheNightDomicile’s Rob Daly mixed this independent feature documentary titled “Out In The Night, ” in 5.1 for theatrical release.  Sound design by Timmy Quinn.  The film will premier at the Los Angeles … More

Lucky Them – Post Audio


“Lucky Them”,  directed by Megan Griffiths, stars Toni Colette, Thomas Hayden Church, and Oliver Platt.  “Lucky Them” premiered in the Toronto Film Festival to a standing ovation in September.  It has since … More